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Material Choices

Metal Sheds

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Steel sheds are economical storage buildings. They’re available in a variety of colors and feature vinyl-coated steel or galvanized steel with an enamel finish to resist scratches and rust. Metal sheds come in a variety of colors and offer years of maintenance-free service.

Vinyl/Resin/Plastic Sheds

Vinyl sheds and resin sheds are made of different types of plastic and are the easiest sheds to assemble. They''ll need to repaint or restain them regularly and keep the roof, siding, etc., in good repair.

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Before you choose a shed, check requirements for your area, such as zoning ordinances, building codes and homeowners''re feeling creative, turn your shed into a workshop or hobby space. Plan for about 25% more space than you need for room to access your items and to add more in the future. If you plan to store garden tools, you’ll probably need wall space. Large or heavy items, like bagged fertilizer and equipment, mowers, snow blowers, wheelbarrows, etc., require floor space and an open surrounding area. Some shed manufacturers offer expansion kits you can add to a shed for even more storage space. Make sure the shed doorway easily accommodates the largest item you plan to store. Some sheds include a floor, others don''s something you want to add to your storage shed, chances are it''ve chosen from the available shed designs and types, follow all manufacturer''re working on a small shed, a helper makes the job easier.
  • If you''ve built your shed, add planting beds or trellises with vining plants to help the building blend with the landscape.
  • Professional Installation

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